Is it Possible to be in Multiple Cocoons

Yes, as of 2/2/2020 we added the ability to be in multiple Cocoons. Please update your app to the latest version to make sure you can take advantage of this! 

Once you're on the latest version, you should see a new icon in the top right of the header. Tap this, and you'll zoom out to see all of the Cocoons you're a part of, and a button to join or create another one.

Once you tap the header button, you'll see cards for every Cocoon you're already a member of, along with a button to join or create another one. This screen is shown below. 

From here, if you'd like to add another Cocoon, tap on the Add a Cocoon button. You'll see two options: 1. Join an Existing Cocoon and 2. Make a New Cocoon. 

Each of these flows has its own help document which you can find below: 

Make a New Cocoon

Join an Existing Cocoon

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