How to Invite People to your Cocoon

Once you complete your profile, you'll be provided with your Cocoon's key. This six letter key is what people will use to access your Cocoon after they sign up. It's like the key to your house – so only share it with people you want to join you! 

To send an invite to the app, which will include your key, tap on the share button (either in the Welcome message or the header, both pictured above). You can then choose which app you'd like to use to invite people. You can send invites via text, email etc. Very important: when you invite people this way, you are inviting them to your Cocoon. All of the people you invite to your Cocoon will share that space together. These people should want to stay close with one another.

If your Cocoon already has a few members, you can find the invite button on the Settings tab. See below for instructions on where to find the permanent location of the invite button. 

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