Overview of the Now Tab

The Now tab displays a high-level window into the world of the people in your Cocoon. You can quickly see the weather, location, step count, battery level, and other small insights for each person in your Cocoon. The primary view is a list, which will rotate through each piece of information every 5 seconds. You can tap on anyone in the list to see a more detailed and complete view of their current status. 

When you tap on a person, a card will appear that displays their current status in more detail. 

  1. If they have shared their location, you will see a map of where they are at the top of the card. 
  2. You can see how long it's been since Cocoon received an updated location in the top right corner of the map. 
  3. Below the map, is their name, how long ago they were last in Cocoon, and an overflow menu. If they are currently online, that will display here. 
  4. The Current Status list displays all of the information available for that user at this moment. Everyone is able to control what is displayed here, so if something is "unavailable", it's possible that this user has elected not to share that piece of information. 
  5. At the bottom of the Status card, is a gallery of all of the media this user has shared in Cocoon. This can be a helpful way of finding a photo from the past, when you know who shared it. 

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