Cocoon Display Settings

The Settings tab is where you manage your Cocoon account, set your preferences and find additional resources and information. There are 5 sections: Members, Appearance, Preferences, Account, and Help & Feedback. Each of these is described below. 

Members: The members section displays each person who is part of your Cocoon. You'll see their name, profile photo, and user color. If you would like to invite additional people to your Cocoon, you can tap the last row of the Members section ("Invite someone else). 

Appearance: This section allows you to control how you appear in the Cocoon. You can change your profile photo, nickname and user color. All of these choices affect how you are displayed when you do something in Cocoon. 

Preferences: This section allows you to make adjustments to various settings, like how your location is shared, and what notifications you get etc. 

Account: These are your Cocoon account details that you used to signup. 

Help & Feedback: If you have a question or would like to contact us, you can use the Contact Us link in this section to do so.  There is also a link to this Help document that you are currently reading :) 

At the bottom of the Settings tab, are options to Log Out or Leave the Cocoon. Logging out will take you to the main Welcome screen for Cocoon, where you can sign in again or make a new account. Leaving the Cocoon will remove you from the Cocoon you are in (which you would only do if you were in the wrong Cocoon or wanted to be in another Cocoon). 

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