How do I Track a Flight?

If you're traveling by plane, you can keep your group up to date on the progress of your flight using your flight number. For more information on how to use this feature, read the steps below.

Method 1: Airport Checkin

1. Check into the Airport
When you arrive at the airport, tap on the composer and tap on Location. Find the airport you are at and tap on it (for example "Washington Dulles International Airport"). To learn more about checking into a location, read this article.

**Airports usually have multiple locations associated with them. It's important that you choose a location with "airport" in the name. If you don't see the airport in the list of locations, you can always search using the search box at the top of the location list.

2. After checking in at the airport, the flight # dialog will appear

After you have checked in, you should see a dialog appear that asks if you'd like to track your flight. Tap the "Enter Flight Number" to proceed. 

3. Enter flight number

Tap on the input box and enter your flight number. You should be able to find this on your ticket. Do not enter your city or airport code, enter your  flight number (usually a combination of the airline's letters and a number). Press enter. You should see your flight appear under "Today's Flights". Tap on it. 

If you have trouble finding your flight, and are sure you are entering the information correctly, please contact us so we can figure out the issue and improve things. 

4. Flight banner appears for the duration of your flight

After you have selected your flight, a banner should appear at the bottom of the home feed with your flight details. Tapping on it will show a more in-depth progress view. This is visible to everyone in your Cocoon. You will also see an ambient bead appear in the timeline saying that you added a flight.

The banner will be visible for the duration of your flight + 30 minutes after you land. It can display various statuses like On Time, In Flight, Delayed and Landed. 

If you want to remove your flight or edit it, tap on the banner and then tap on the three-dot icon in the top right. 

Method 2: Airport Arrival Notification

When you arrive at the airport, a notification should appear that asks if you'd like to track your flight. Tap this notification when it appears, and you'll be taken to Cocoon and the flight input dialog shown above. This method relies on your location services being "Always On". For more on this, read this article. It may be a few minutes after you arrive at the airport before Cocoon is able to send this notification. Given location accuracy can sometimes miss that you're at the airport, this method is less reliable than the first method. 

When you see this notification, tap on it. You will be taken to Cocoon and the flight dialog will appear. From there, you can follow the steps above to enter your flight details. 

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