Health Settings

You can share information from Apple's HealthKit into Cocoon. Steps, exercise, heart rate etc can all be shared as part of you status display (tapping on your profile picture). 

See below for instructions on how to adjust your Health permissions:

1. Tap on Health App in your Cocoon Settings

To access the display settings for a specific Cocoon, tap on the Cocoon's name in the header. A little more than halfway down the page, you'll find the Apple Health section. Tap on the row where it says "Health App". 

2a. Review Permissions Dialog

If you haven't set your HealthKit permissions in Cocoon before, a dialog will appear after you tap on Health App. This is where you can decide which information you would like to appear in Cocoon. See below for what this will look like. Tap "Turn All Categories On" to accept all the permissions, or choose individual categories.

If you have already accepted/denied HealthKit before

If you've already set your preferences for Cocoon, the dialog above won't appear. Instead, you'll be taken directly to the Health app where you'll need to navigate to adjust your Cocoon settings. 

You can also open the Health app directly. The app icon is shown below for reference. 

Once you're in the Health app, find your profile picture in the top right of the screen. Click on it. See below for where your profile picture appears in the Health App. 

After tapping on your profile picture, navigate to the Privacy section and click on "Apps". From there, find Cocoon and tap on it. There you'll find your HealthKit settings for Cocoon where you can adjust your preferences. 

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