Starting a Cocoon

Starting Your First Cocoon

When you first download the app, you'll be presented with a set of onboarding screens, along with the account creation flow. Complete this flow if you haven't already (shown below):

Name Your Cocoon

After you proceed through those steps, you'll see the "Start a Cocoon" screen. Tap on "Get Started" to create your Cocoon.

The first step is to think of a name for the Cocoon. It will appear at the top of your Cocoon, so choose something that can refer to the group of people you are about to bring together. As an example, I might name my family Cocoon "Happy Family" or "The Cornell Family". You can always change this name later, so don't worry too much about it.

Complete Your Profile

The next step is to create your own display profile for this Cocoon. You will choose your nickname, user photo, and a color. All of these determine how you will appear in the Cocoon you are creating. Again, you will be able to change all of these later, so don't fret too much about them.

Permission Preferences

If this is your first time going through this flow, you'll need to decide which permissions you'd like to grant the app: location, health, and notifications. You can read about each permission during the flow. If you're not ready to make any decisions yet, you will always be able to adjust these later, in Settings.

Adding People to Your Cocoon

When you first land in a Cocoon you've created, you will see a welcome message along with an "Add People" button near the bottom of the screen. Tap on this button to start adding people to your Cocoon.

You'll be taken to the "Invite Your Group" screen which will allow you to choose people from your Contacts list. Tap on "Add People" to make your selections. To add someone to your Cocoon, they need to be in your Contacts list. You can add as many people as you like during this step – no invites will be sent until you tap the "Send Invites" button.

Important: make sure you have the correct phone number for the people you invite. When they sign up, Cocoon will use their phone number to match them with the Cocoons they've been invited to. So it's very important that the phone number you have in your Contacts list, matches the number they will use to sign up.

Once you're finished selecting people for this Cocoon, tap on "Send Invites". This will send an automated text message to the people you selected, alerting them that you added them to a Cocoon, along with a link to download the app (if they don't have it already). For people that already have Cocoon installed, they'll be notified by the app directly, and no text message will be sent

After you've completed these steps, the people you just added will appear near the top of the screen in the roster row. You should see your own picture here as well. Until they actually join your Cocoon, they will appear as a faded color with their initials overlaid. You can tap on them to reveal a set of options.

Once someone successfully joins your Cocoon, you will get a notification, and an update will be posted in the feed: "Alex joined the Cocoon". If you don't see either of these for a little while, it's probably worth contacting the people you invited directly, to make sure they have downloaded the app.

Starting Another Cocoon

If you already in a Cocoon and would like to start another one, tap on the menu button in the top left of the screen. This will take you to the Cocoon switcher page, where you can navigate between the different Cocoons you're a member of, and create a new one. Find the box labeled "Make a Cocoon" and tap on that. You'll be taken through the same steps described above to make your new Cocoon.

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