How to Reply

The Cocoon messaging system is based around in-line replies that organize your conversations into connected clusters. Most messaging systems are not designed this way, so it can take some getting used to. Basically, when you write something in Cocoon you should decide whether it's an entirely new message or a response to something that's already in the feed. This article is about the latter: responding to an existing thread.

To reply to something you see in Cocoon, tap directly on it. The keyboard will appear and whatever you type will attach to the bottom of the thread. 

For example, if I want to respond to the "Tokyo Bike Shop" thread below, I would tap on it. This will trigger the keyboard, along with the reply input field. Anything I type here will attach to this thread.

What's cool about this is, only the people who are part of this thread will get notifications for replies. The full Cocoon is notified of the original post, but only the person who posted, and the people who replied, are notified as the conversation continues. This really helps mitigate notification fatigue, which is really common on other messaging platforms. 

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